Bog RLD-3, Red Legged Devil Tripod, Tall


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Bog RLD-3, Red Legged Devil Tripod, Tall

Bog RLD-3, Red Legged Devil Tripod, Tall

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Produkt-Code: BTF_735533
Hersteller: BOG-POD


133,58 EUR




RLD-3 Red Legged Devil™ Tall Tripod


  • Switcheroo Shooting System - Easily switch between accessories in the field using the same platform
  • Three-section, high-strength, lightweight aluminum legs with matte black finish
  • Universal Shooting Rest swivels 360° and rubber covered to prevent damage to gun stocks
  • Rapid-adjust twist locks loosen or tighten legs with just a couple of turns
  • Legs adjust independently out to 40° angle with adjustable tension
  • Inch markers on middle leg sections help to quickly reach a set height
  • Removable rubber feet unscrew to a reveal carbide tip for better grip on ice
  • Use in sitting, kneeling, or standing positions - from 22" to 68" usable height when legs are spread
  • Height when closed for carrying is 33"
  • Carry bag and allen wrench included
  • Weighs approximately 33 oz.