DeadShot TreePod Additional Base


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DeadShot TreePod Additional Base

DeadShot TreePod Additional Base

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Produkt-Code: BTF_785468
Hersteller: Caldwell


80,73 EUR




Caldwell DeadShot TreePod ADD-A-BASE Now you can use the DeadShot® TreePod™ from multiple Tree Stands without remounting the whole assembly! The Caldwell® ADD-A-BASE additional support base allows you to mount extra bases to more than one tree stand. You now have the ability to change deer stands based on wind direction or weather condition and still get Benchrest Accuracy when you want it.

  • Mount it to a Tree Stand
  • Works with the DeadShot TreePod
  • Constructed of powder coated steel
  • Use multiple bases on different stands
  • Easy set up with spring clamp sensor, works on a wide variety of steel targets
  • Tripod included, adjusts from 14” -42” in height for the best view of the Strobe Flash Indicator

  DeadShot TreePod and tree stands pictured sold separately


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