DeadShot TreePod Blind Clamp


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DeadShot TreePod Blind Clamp

DeadShot TreePod Blind Clamp

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Produkt-Code: BTF_803412
Hersteller: Caldwell


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Caldwell TreePod Blind Clamp Now you can use the DeadShot® TreePod™ from your box blind and your treestand without remounting the whole assembly! The Caldwell® TreePod Blind Clamp additional support base allows you to mount an extra base to a box blind. You now have the ability to hunt from a deer stand or a box blind and still get Benchrest Accuracy when you want it.

  • Mount it to the inside of a box blind
  • Constructed of powder coated steel
  • Use multiple bases on different stands

Base Plate Size: 6" x 8.5" Weight: 5 lbs Blind Clamp Contains: 1 upper post with plate, 1 back plate, 5 bolts, 5 wing nuts DeadShot TreePod and tree stands pictured sold separately.