DSFP Optics Adaptor Kit


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DSFP Optics Adaptor Kit

DSFP Optics Adaptor Kit provides multiple different mounting options for accessories.

Produkt-Code: BTF_488333
Hersteller: Caldwell


54,06 EUR




The DSFP Optics Adaptor attaches onto your existing Dead Shot® Field Pod and provides multiple different mounting options for accessories.

A full featured tripod head with a quick detach plate allows any devise with a standard ¼ 20 threaded hole to be quickly attached and detached. A spotting scope, video camera or still camera can be attached and used alongside or in place of a gun. You can even capture video of your hunt by aligning a camera with your sights or scope on the gun.

At the opposite end from the tripod head there is another quick detach plate that can be used for an additional devise or will accept the included Pic Rail. The Pic Rail is the perfect way to mount a flashlight or night vision illuminator to enhance your weapon system’s night time performance– works great for hog or predator hunting!

Once mounted to the Field Pod the Adaptor can be adjusted left and right for a customized fit. The Adaptor rotates 90 degrees and allows the Field Pod to collapse to a compact position for easy transportation.


  • Weight is approximately 1.5 pounds
  • Constructed of high strength injection molded polymer.
  • Mounts to any existing Field Pod
  • Includes a full function tripod head with quick detach plate
  • Accepts additional quick detach plate and Pic Rail (included)
  • Rotates to remain on DSFP when collapsed