Geschosse NORMA 375 cal .375 300grs Oryx 69507-1


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Geschosse NORMA 375 cal .375 300grs Oryx 69507-1

Geschosse NORMA 375 cal .375 300grs Oryx 69507-1

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Produkt-Code: NOR_69507-1
Hersteller: NORMA Precision AB


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Verpackung: 50 Stk.

Norma Oryx:

  • Thin forward jacket section 
  • Core soldered into jacket 
  • Pure lead core 
  • Thick rear jacket section 
  • Crimping increases dependability


Bonding involves soldering together the bullet jacket and core to produce a uniform structure preventing 
separation or fragmentation on impact, even after
striking dense bone.

Oryx means good accuracy, massive mushrooming and high residual weight. This bonded design suits the all-round hunter who wishes to simplify the choice of cartridge for hunting. Oryx is available in most calibres from 222 Remington to 375 H&H Magnum. Thanks to its excellent performance, in a very few years Oryx has become the most popular of the Norma bullets.