Geschosse SIERRA 8mm (.323) 220grs SBT GameKing #2420


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Geschosse SIERRA 8mm (.323) 220grs SBT GameKing #2420

Geschosse SIERRA 8mm (.323) 220grs SBT GameKing #2420

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Produkt-Code: SRA_2420
Hersteller: Sierra


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Caliber: 8mm (.323), 220 grains, SBT GameKing

Verpackung: 50 Stk.


The same comment made earlier for the Pro-Hunter bullets concerning the 8mm bore sizes applies here. Be very sure your rifle is bored for bullets of .323 inch diameter. Designed and constructed specifically for the 8mm Remington Magnum, this sleek 220 grain #2420 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet is an outstanding choice for the largest game on the North American continent and for African plains game. 

This bullet has an extremely heavy, double-tapered jacket for deep, smashing penetration. Sierra's classic SBT shape ensures a flat trajectory, minimum sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds, and exceptional accura- cy. It will prove to be too "hard" at 8x57mm velocities, and is not recommend- ed for use in any cartridge producing less than magnum-level velocities.