Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure


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Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure

The Standard in Powder Measures for over 50 Years. For smokeless gunpowder.

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Produkt-Code: LYMAN_7767783
Hersteller: Lyman


121,10 EUR




The Standard in Powder Measures for over 50 Years


This powder measure dispenses charge after charge of powder with consistent accuracy to a fraction of a grain. The key to unfailing precision is the 55's unique three slide adjustable cavity. Extra fine adjustments of width and depth provide consistent charges with almost any powder.

A 2400 grain reservoir resists chemical action and protects your powder from harmful light rays.

An attached knocker assures a complete charge every time.

Mount the 55 on your bench or any turret press. No funnel is required. Includes a 7/8" x 14 thread adapter for press or stand mounting.

The 55's unique 3-slide metering bar can precisely dispense any load. From the smallest pistol to the largest rifle with simple adjustments - no changing slides.

The 55's unique rear mounting clamp maximizes versatility in choices of mounting.