7 Jahre Garantie für LEE PRECISION Presse


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7 Jahre Garantie für LEE PRECISION Presse


7-year warranty on reloading presses LEE PRECISION


Did you buy LEE PRECISION reloading press six years ago and some spring cracked?
Not a problem now. We will exchange it for a new one!
Only with us you will get a 7 year warranty on all parts of the LEE PRECISION reloading presses.


We want to give you something extra you can not find elsewhere, and LEE PRECISION products are simply of good quality.


We are the only firm in the world who provide this guarantee for LEE PRECISION products. That's why you can not demand or apply it anywhere else. We provide the warranty only to our end customers and it does not apply to wholesale. The warranty is also provided retroactively for goods purchased before the announcement of seven-year warranty.


How it works?

  • We only provide the warranty to end customers, which have bought the LEE PRECISION press (presses) from us.
  • The warranty is provided by replacing the damaged part with a new one.
  • The warranty applies only to manufacturing defects, not to normal wear and tear or misuse.
  • You can bring us the damaged part personally or mail it with a copy of the invoice.
  • We will give you a new part. In rare case it's currently not on stock, we will order it for you. 
  • The replacement parts are free of charge. If you want to send/receive the item by mail, you pay for the postage.


The address for sending the damaged part is:

Strobl.cz s.r.o.
Nová Olešná 39
Czech Republic