Large Document Holder for gun vault


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Large Document Holder for gun vault

Magnetic organizer vault accessory, keeps your important documents organized and secure. Mounts to inside of vault door.

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Produkt-Code: BTF_222166
Hersteller: Lockdown









Lockdown Large Document Holder, magnetic organizer for your vault, big enough for A4 documents. Can also be attached to a carpet vault interior, using vampire clips.

Where do you keep your important documents like your college degree, your marriage license, or your living will? Chances are, they aren’t in your safe. Even if they are in your safe, they are probably thrown on a shelf with no apparent organization. What you need is a Large Document Holder that can hold up to 500 letter-size pages of your most important documents, all while utilizing vault space that you didn’t use before.

  • Keep important documents organized and secure
  • Mounts to inside of vault door
  • Universal attachment system includes magnets for steel doors and vampire clips for carpeted doors
  • Holds documents up to 26 cm x 32 cm (10" x 12,5")


Hanging Organizers Featuring the Universal Attachment System

LOCKDOWN accessories feature a unique Universal Attachment System for easy installation in any vault. All hanging accessories come with both Vampire Clip style inserts for use with carpeted interior vaults as well as High-Strength Magnet inserts for bare metal interiors. The interchangeable inserts can quickly be removed and installed for any particular application. These same inserts are compatible with and are included on the molded organizers as well as the fabric hanging organizers. The Vampire Clips incorporate a strong steel wire with two sharp points designed to penetrate fabric or carpeted liners and lock into place. The Magnet inserts utilize very powerful rare-earth magnetic disks which are rubber coated to protect painted surfaces and prevent slipping.