MEC 9000GN Shotshell reloading press 12G


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MEC 9000GN Shotshell reloading press 12G

High-speed, high-volume reloading at its best.

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Produkt-Code: MEC_1009000GN12
Hersteller: MEC


748,99 EUR




High-speed, high-volume reloading at its best.

The multiple operations at six stations speedily produce a finished shell with every stroke of the handle. It has a fully automatic primer feed, as well as auto-cycle charging, and our exclusive three-stage crimp.

The "Power Ring" resizer gives consistent, accurately sized shells for optimum gun performance, without interrupting the reloading sequence. The operator simply puts in the wads and shell casings and removes a loaded shell with each pull of the handle.


  • Our revolutionary Auto-Dex™ automatically moves the shells through each reloading stage by simply returning the handle to the top of its stroke. Accurately resized shells are achieved with each stroke.
  • Finished shells are automatically ejected from the shell carrier after final crimping. This time-saving feature makes one-more-hand operation obsolete.


Finished shells with every stroke

The fastest, smoothest indexing system ever made. Our factory-set speed provides uniform movement through every reloading stage regardless of operator action.